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A unique online competition bridging music and fine arts, celebrating the two great pioneers of human artistic civilization

PicaSchubert Online Music Competition
PicaSchubert Online Music Competition



Welcome to our unique PicaSchubert International Music & Art Competition, an innovative event designed to celebrate and commemorate the timeless legacies of two artistic giants: Pablo Picasso and Franz Schubert. This competition aims to bridge the worlds of music and fine arts, offering a platform for artists to showcase their talents in a dynamic and inspiring environment. By honoring the groundbreaking contributions of Picasso and Schubert, we seek to inspire participants to push the boundaries of creativity and expression. Join us in this exciting journey, where music and art converge, and witness the birth of new artistic expressions that pay homage to the rich heritage of human artistic civilization.

In addition to the Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver tier prizes in each category, the competition also features the following special awards nominated by the judging panel: Picasso Music Innovation Special Award - Recognizes musicians who demonstrate groundbreaking artistic creativity and innovation in music, embodying the visionary spirit of Picasso; Best Schubert Performance Special Award - Recognizes musicians who deliver the most outstanding performance of Schubert's works, showcasing exceptional skill and emotional depth; Schubert Outstanding Musicality Special Award - Recognizes musicians who exhibit extraordinary musical sensitivity and expressiveness in interpreting music compositions, embodying Schubert's visionary spirit; Schubert Outstanding Interpretation Special Award - Recognizes musicians whose interpretation of music compositions is both profound and uniquely insightful, reflecting the spirit of Schubert's artistic vision; Schubert Outstanding Technique Special Award - Recognizes musicians who demonstrate exceptional technical proficiency and mastery in music performance, embodying the visionary spirit of Schubert; Schubert Outstanding Teamwork Special Award - Recognizes the musical ensemble that excels in collaboration and cohesiveness, delivering an outstanding collective music performance embodying the visionary spirit of Schubert.

PicaSchubert International Music & Art Competition

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